reasons to love this romanian cutie
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Confidence of a Queen- Chapter 3


TITLE: Confidence of a Queen
AUTHOR: just-hiddleston
GENRE: Drama/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Arabelle is a Queen of the Elvish folk, after a tragedy strikes she has only Loki left as a suitor. A story about how her life is turned upside down when the God of mischief is the only one who accepts her.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: So, this is some more story type stuff. Things are definitely bound to get more interesting in the next few chapters. Enjoy and let me know what you think. 


She awoke in the morning and found that she was alone. The glass door along the far side of the room was open and cool fresh air blew in from the outdoors. She smelled flowers and the brisk air raised bumps on her bare skin.  Cautiously she pushed the sheets off herself and let her feet touch the surprisingly warm marble floor. Arabelle made her way over to her chest and picked out an outfit for the day. She explored the room and found Loki to be nowhere. In that moment she decided that this was the perfect opportunity for to go and practice her bow skills. Quickly before anyone would notice she changed into her tattered tunic and leather pants before grabbing her bow and a couple books to study. She grabbed her cloak on the way up and covered herself up.

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Whoever he used to be, the guy he is now … I don’t think he’s the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop."  

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26/? photos of this Romanian angel Sebastian Stan (✿ ♥‿♥)

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Tom - Crimson Peak off scene

Oh no, please.  No more.

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His face OMG…

but they literally included that in The Winter Soldier


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Sebastian Stan gets choked up talking about how much his mother means to him…


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